Blue Thunder Waterslide and Giant Inflatable

Our 'Blue Thunder' waterslide makes a visit to the pool a whole lot more fun. The waterslide is open on Saturdays and throughout school holidays (Excluding July School Holidays)

Our 'Giant Inflatable' obstacle course enhances your fun at the pool. Open on Saturdays and throughout school holidays (Excluding July School Holidays) 

Waterslide = 12pm to 1.30pm Saturdays, PLUS every day of the school holidays (excluding July school holidays)
Inflatable = 1.30pm to 3pm Saturdays, PLUS every day of the school holidays (excluding July school holidays)

Waterslide OR Inflatable
Entry on to the Waterslide or Inflatable is charge per person on top of pool entry prices.
$4:00 per person for Inflatable OR Waterslide (plus pool entry)
$7.00 per person for Inflatable + Waterslide (plus pool entry)

We also have special packages available for Birthday Party Bookings - please see our relevant Parties Page for more information (click HERE)



  • Each rider is to immediately leave the waterslide pool on discharge from the flume.
  • Tandem riding is only permitted for adults who are accompanying small children on the waterslide.
  • No person is to cause, suffer or permit rough behaviour or harassment of other persons in the waterslide pool, on the flume walkways or platform.
  • Glass bottles, other articles containing glass and sharp objects are not to be carried or used within the flume, waterslide pool and its surrounds or the walkways.
  • Waterslide riders are not to wear personal effects such as jewellery, watches, spectacles or goggles which are likely to result in personal injury to the rider, other riders or cause damage to the waterslide.
  • Persons are not to use the waterslide in a manner which will cause bodily injury to the other slide riders.
  • Do not ride the waterslide unless your physical health is sound.
  • Health authorities warn that it is considered unsafe to use the waterslide:
  • If you are pregnant
  • For persons with limb or back weakness/disability
  • For persons with heart ailments
  • For persons with any condition which could predispose them to further aggravation of their pre-existing condition or injury
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at all times, ie. Where the person is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other reason considered to create a potential hazard for that rider or other persons.



  • Always wait for the staff member to instruct you before getting on the pool inflatable
  • Never swim under the pool inflatable.
  • No more than one participant is to be on the pool inflatable at any one time unless they come under the height restriction. If so then participants may dual race.
  • Never get on the pool inflatable from the side, all participants must start from the starting platform.
  • Never move the pool inflatable while other participants are on it.
  • Never run onto the pool inflatable, always start from a standing position
  • Never throw any items at other participants while on the pool inflatable
  • Always exit the pool inflatable area as soon as possible after falling off.
  • When at the end of the pool inflatable always go feet first.
  • Never jump on or off the pool inflatable.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian while using the pool inflatable.
  • Non swimmers are advised not to use the pool inflatable unless accompanied by an adult or using an approved P.F.D
  • No diving from the top of the slide. Children are to slide down feet first.
  • Only 1 person down the slide at a time.
  • No rough conduct of any form will be permitted. Rough conduct will result in immediate expulsion from the centre.