We have something to suit all children at Active Kids Vacation Care

The next GSAC Vacation Care program will be held in the September/October school holidays from September 25 to October 6.

See the schedule for the September/October holiday's below... To download the full program please click HERE

WEEK 1 Morning Activities Mid-morning Activities Afternoon Activities
Monday, September 25 Ten Pin Knockdown POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Photo Frame Craft
Tuesday, September 26 Bench Ball POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
3D Umbrella Art
Wednesday, September 27 Play: Runner POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Bubble Blower Painting
Thursday, September 28 Space Day POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Craft: Planet Art
Friday, September 29 Sport Verions Of Categories POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)


WEEK 2 Morning Activities Mid-morning Activities Afternoon Activities
Tuesday, October 3 Laser Skirmish POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Make Homemade Lemonade
Wednesday, October 4 Have a Game of: Iceburgs POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Learn to Hand Sew OR Play Scatt
Thursday, October 5 When I Grow Up Day POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)
Special Guests with Cool Careers come & visit us!
Friday, October 6 Play Kangaroos and Crocodiles POOL TIME
(w/waterslide & inflatable)


The Vacation Care Family Handbook can be downloaded HERE for more information

The program generally includes the following:

Morning Session: 7.30am to 11am is aimed to get the kids moving with sports and activities in our stadium area.

Middle Session: 11am to 2pm is in the pool area playing games, riding the slide or conquering the inflatable.

Afternoon Session: 2pm to 6pm is spent in our Multipurpose Youth Space where kids can relax with music, create, experiment and let their imaginations run wild.

Please note: Movies may be run in the afternoons even if not printed on the official program.

What to bring:

  • A packed lunch (no nuts or products containing nuts)
  • Swimmers and towel
  • Drink bottle
  • Spare shirt for arts and crafts

Contacts and enrolment

Phone: 0412 797 916

Email: gsac@activekidsasc.com.au

Online enrolments: https://activekids-gsac.hubworks.com.au