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Wednesday, 01 August 2018

What kind of fitness event is the GSAC Games?

The inaugural GSAC Games is a fitness challenge that comprises four individual workouts over one day – similar to the 2017 Lismore Masters Games Fitness Challenge.

They include elements of strength, endurance and cardio – including a pool-based workout. Content of the four workouts will be released on September 13.


What category can I compete in?


  • OPEN                    18 plus
  • MASTERS             40 plus


  1. Open Male Competitive
  2. Open Female Competitive
  3. Open Male Non Competitive
  4. Open Female Non Competitive
  5. Masters Male Competitive
  6. Masters Female Competitive
  7. Masters Male Non Competitive
  8. Masters Female Non Competitive


What is the difference between Competitive and Non Competitive?

In Competitive, participants must complete ALL four workouts with prescribed set weights. First, second and third placings will be awarded.

In Non Competitive, participants can scale weight and movements if necessary. There will be no placings for non-competitive categories.

How do I register?

Register below via our official registration page. Registrations are open until September 14.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee for all categories (competitive and non-competitive) is $100 (T-shirt included).

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable training attire for stadium workouts and swimmers, goggles and towel for final pool workout four.

GSAC Café will be open with healthy food and beverages. Water stations will be provided.

What happens on the day?

The following is a brief outline of the day. Please note, times are subject to change according to participant numbers and number of heats.

Program: Saturday, September 22

9:00am: Athlete Check-in/Registration

9:20am: Athlete Briefing

9:30am: Each heat completes workout 1

11:45am: Each heat completes workout 2

1:00pm: Each heat completes workout 3

2:15pm: Each heat completes workout 4

3:00pm: Wrap-up plus presentation

We welcome family, friends and sports loving people to come and cheer and encourage participants. Like Australian Ninja Warrior, the GSAC Games will be a gruelling but exciting event celebrating fitness and determination!

Workouts and exercises: details and standards

GSAC GAMES - Work Out of the Day 1

GSAC GAMES - Work Out of the Day 2

GSAC GAMES - Work Out of the Day 3

GSAC GAMES - Work Out of the Day 4

Movement Standards -  GSAC GAMES 2018


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