Enjoy your time at Switch knowing your children are happy and healthy in our creche

If you're taking a swim in the pool or working out in the gym, let your kids have their own fun in our fully supervised crèche.

The crèche is jam-packed with fun activities and games to keep the kids entertained and active, and we welcome children of any age from six weeks and up.

We provide the highest quality care for children of all ages with trained childcare professionals who will ensure your child is safe, happy and healthy. Our crèche gives you peace of mind and ensures you can take a little time for yourself without any stress or worry.

Due to COVID-19 measures to protect visitors and staff, the number of children using the creche is capped at 20.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 11.45am
Saturday: 8am to 11.45am


There is a one-off $17.50 enrolment fee when you first enrol your children in our crèche.

Crèche Procedure

1. First visit: Complete an enrolment form & pay one-off enrolment form of $17.50
2. Please see reception to get a crèche ticket
3. Please sign-in when you drop off
4. Please sign out on pick up

Food, Drink and Belongings

No peanut or nut products are permitted in the crèche for the safety of all children. Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled.

Illness Policy

For the comfort of your own child and the health of other children and staff, please do not bring your child to crèche if they are unwell or have been in the past 24 hours.

If any of the following are noticed by staff you will be asked to collect your child: weepy or sticky eyes; persistent green/yellow nasal discharge; diarrhoea or vomiting; unusual skin rashes; fever over 38 degrees Celsius; and persistent pain.

Thank you in advance for your understanding – we want to keep all children in our crèche happy and healthy!