Hear from some of our members about why they love life at SWITCH

There are many reasons that people love coming to SWITCH 24-gym at Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre.

We pride ourselves on providing different services to meet the needs of all ages and cater to the various ways people like to work out, from those who prefer tailored programs and support to people who want to come 24/7 and work out when it suits them.

Below are testimonials from some of the people in our community who love SWITCH and our approach to health and fitness.

Helen & Ricky

Helen and Ricky have been members for seven years. They mostly come to the gym together and enjoy the friendly feeling and fantastic equipment at SWITCH. They motivate each other to come (even when one doesn’t want to) and believe that they are role modelling a fit and healthy lifestyle for their children. The kids love the Kidzone at SWITCH – sometimes even more than going to nanna's!

Helen and Ricky’s goals are simple: keep fit and be strong in mind and body. Helen and Ricky love the energy gains at the end of a workout. Before living in Lismore, Helen and Ricky used to drive all the way over from Casino to come to SWITCH… they are 100% committed to their health and fitness. They find all members and staff friendly and supportive. Happy partner, happy life!

Carlie Drew

Carlie has been an active gym goer for 18 years and is a busy mum with young children. Carlie loves Group Fitness cardio classes – BodyStep and BodyAttack are her favourite classes. Carlie is also very accustomed to working out independently on the gym floor – you will see her often on the X-trainer and treadmill. Carlie visits SWITCH four to five times a week and runs every other day. Carlie loves the welcoming, homely atmosphere of staff and members at SWITCH and feels very at home here. The free Kidzone is also a BIG plus for her children.

Rhona Marcentelli

Rhona has been a member since January 2015. Rhona loves Group Fitness classes, particularly BodyPump and BodyAttack, and also enjoys working out in the gym. Rhona said she loves the camaraderie of all members, and thinks the staff are super friendly and welcoming. Rhona only started exercising when she started at SWITCH – before then, she thought the steps up and down to her house were enough!

“My ultimate goal is to be at my pinnacle of fitness health and glow at age 50 – coming up very soon,” she said.

Ian Bilston

Ian joined SWITCH in 2011 and has never looked back.

“The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable and the equipment, Group Fitness classes and facilities are great as well. But what I like most is the welcoming atmosphere,” Ian said.