Our 24-hour membership allows you to workout day or night

Joining our 24-hour SWITCH gym or obtaining 24-hour access as a current member is a simple two-step process:

  • Pay a one-off $48.00 charge for access lanyard and swipe card to gain 24-hour access.
  • Undertake a quick and easy induction process. This applies for all 24-hour users to ensure all terms and conditions are understood.

Our 24-hour access is supported and protected by local security company Dash Security Group.

For more information and pricing, phone our friendly SWITCH staff on 6625 5370.

Please see below our policy relating to 24-hour operation at SWITCH. Please read this carefully to ensure your own safety and enjoyment of our facilities.

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In the event of an emergency please follow emergency announcements if applicable, or upon hearing fire evacuation alarm please exit immediately via the fire exit. Do not use the lift. There are two exits – one is the entrance to the gym and one is on the western side of the gym along the wall of the weights room, which leads down the stairway to the rear alley of the building. The assembly area is the southern end of the carpark near the centre entrance on Oliver Avenue.
Toilets Toilets are located along the southern wall of the gym. In 24-hour operation these are accessible to one person only when in 24-hour mode. The main entry door is to be locked behind you, to prohibit anyone else following you into the bathrooms. This means only one person can access the whole bathroom facility (male or female) at any one time. The disabled toilet is accessible to both men and women, when the main toilets are occupied.
First Aid There is a first aid kit available at the entry desk to the left on entry.
Gym Access Access to gym only available with additional 24/7 access pass or card. This can be obtained from reception in normal operating hours.
Correct Attire Correct footwear and attire for gym use and a towel to be used on equipment at all times.
Equipment Use Equipment to be used to manufacturer’s guidelines. Please read manufacturer’s labels if applicable for safe usage.
Duress Alarms There are emergency duress alarms both in the foyer and in the main gym. In any emergency please activate these alarms by pressing and Summerland Security will respond.
Unauthorised Access and Security Cameras Please note that security cameras have been installed to record activity within and around the centre 24 hours a day. These are monitored daily for security and anti-theft. Your membership will be cancelled immediately and without any right to a refund if, a) You allow anyone to enter the centre via your access card, and/or b) You are caught stealing and or damaging any equipment. (Please note – there are cameras directly above the access doors and these are alarmed. If two people go through, a time stamp is recorded and we can review the footage to look at those entering. Every card swipe monitors the name and time of entry. This is non-negotiable and no second chances are given.
Sign in and Lanyard Use All members must sign-in upon entering the gym, and you must take an alarm lanyard to wear whilst in the gym in 24-hour mode if training alone. Please sign the alarm lanyard in and out when finished. In the case of emergency, press the alarm and this will immediately contact Summerland Security who will come to the centre in response. This is for your safety.
Energy and Appliances In order to conserve energy, please turn the fans off if you are the last to leave the gym. The TVs are also to be turned off if no-one is using them via the remote control at the left entry desk.
Parking After-hours parking is available for gym users on the top level of the car park outside the gym. Please note areas with signage indicating available after-hours parking.
Smoking The Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre and SWITCH are smoke-free areas – this includes the entire carpark and entrance areas of the building.